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Colors, beautiful flourishes, fine detail work and the touches of fine furniture are moving into the kitchen. While wood grains are still welcome, the kitchen is becoming home to sleek black colors, whitewashed woods and bright shades. Cabinets look more like fine dressers than kitchen storage units, and modern kitchen cabinet trends are truly beautiful as a result.

New Kitchen Cabinet Trends Embrace the Colors of the Rainbow

Shades of different wood tones are still commonly used, but many kitchen cabinets now feature bright white paint, sleek black and even cabinets that are finished in shades of blue, yellow or orange. Anything goes when it comes to cabinet color these days, and it makes kitchens more interesting than ever before.

Modern Kitchen CabinetsPillars, Scrolls, Legs

There was a time when cabinet doors with raised panels were the height of luxury. Modern cabinets, however, feature extra details like pillars on the corners and faux legs on the bottom. They are no longer simple utilitarian boxes that serve a purpose. With the look of fine furniture, they add class and style to your kitchen in a way that older cabinets never could.

When it’s time to upgrade the kitchen, look beyond simple raised panels and shades of brown or tan. New cabinets look like fine dressers and you can choose any color that makes you smile. The result is kitchens that are more unique, more interesting and more beautiful.

Lighting Options to Make Your Cabinets Shine

Most kitchens have some kind of overhead lighting that is able to illuminate the entire space adequately. The only space that is neglected is the kitchen countertops that are often shaded from the light thanks to the kitchen cabinets. In order to better light up that space, kitchen cabinet lighting options are needed. If you are interested in purchasing some type of kitchen cabinet lights, then use this guide to learn more about the most popular styles.

Kitchen LightingFlexible Rope or Strip Lighting

This is the simplest and most affordable way to add light under your kitchen cabinets. For every three feet of counter space, simply add in a twelve inch strip of light. This will illuminate your kitchens as you cut vegetables on the counter, prepare meals or serve up dishes to your family.

Recessed Lighting Pucks

A more upscale and contemporary way to add light underneath your kitchen cabinets is with recessed lighting. These small pucks of lights can be flush with the cabinets and will take slightly more effort and experience to install. They will look much better and can add value to the overall kitchen as a whole.

These are just two of the most popular kitchen cabinet lighting styles for the home. Today’s options for beautiful kitchen cabinets and the lighting in the kitchen to make them really shine are available at DirectBuy where you can purchase quality lighting at a fraction of the normal retail costs. With DirectBuy you never pay hidden retail mark ups. Discover the DirectBuy difference today at

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