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Kitchen CabinetsThe days of plain oak kitchen cabinets are long gone. While oak is still a popular choice, a wide range of colors are moving into kitchens across the country. If you are in the market for a new kitchen, consider some of these popular kitchen cabinet colors for your home.

Grey Blends with Brown

You might think the grey and brown would not work well, but they actually look stunning together. If you doubt this, just consider how sharp stainless steel accessories look in a dark oak or walnut kitchen. With basic brown cabinets and butcher-block tops, you can add interest and appeal with stunning grey tile backsplashes and floors. Stainless steel countertops are also a fine choice that is durable and functional.

Pastels and Silvery Hues

Cabinets are traditionally made of wood, but you can choose beautiful pastels for something a little more trendy. Lovely pale green or blue cabinets look stunning in any kitchen. Complete the look with stainless steel appliances and silver accessories like cutting boards and hardware. Keep the look crisp and clean with white trim around windows and pale colors on the walls.

White is Always Stunning

Many white cabinets feature slick doors, but white is also a great choice for traditional wood doors with raised panels. The beauty of white cabinets is that you can highlight them with any color of your choosing. Paint the walls a striking red, or bring out your softer side with a soft and creamy yellow. With this color plan, you should look for bold accessories that will add interest and keep things fun and exciting.

Mixing up Blue and Black

Imagine a soft denim blue on your wood cabinets. It’s warm and inviting. While you might naturally lean towards white Stainless Steel Cabinetsfor the countertops, a sleek black is actually a better choice. It’s a modern twist on a country trend that will make your kitchen stunning. Warm up the walls with shades of tan or cream, and focus on sleek accessories in metallic silver or sharp black.

Stains Add Romance

Wood stains aren’t just for raw wood; they are stunning when applied over beautiful colors. A cream-colored cabinet with a beautiful almond stain brushed over the top has a romantic feel that reminds you of the stunning Tuscan countryside. Paired with light colored countertops and ornate detailing, this kitchen will always be a relaxing room to cook or socialize in. The stains also look stunning on pastel cabinets painted in blue, yellow or minty green.

Black or Red Cabinets in Glossy Finishes

Black and red have been popular color choices for years. Featuring a high gloss finish, they are a stunning choice for any modern kitchen where you want smooth panels and powerful colors. Highlighted with white cabinets, there is nothing moderate or subdued about these kitchens. Embrace bold colors, revel in the variety and prepare to thrill your guests with these modern masterpieces. Finish off the cabinets with stainless steel hardware and choose accessories in bold colors.

Muted Black Colors Work with a Traditional Décor

If black is your favorite color but your house is traditional, then consider choosing black cabinets with raised panels and a soft finish. Muted black is a fine choice for any kitchen from rustic or romantic to modern or traditional. You can introduce your favorite accessories in red or blue for a splash of color, or you can stick with white or cream accents to maintain a smooth and consistent look.

There are countless color choices available for your new cabinets. From pale shades of your favorite colors to bold black and sleek red, modern kitchens don’t have to feature traditional wood stains on oak or cherry cabinets. When it’s time to remodel your kitchen, consider doing something fun and exciting with the space to make it more attractive and more suited to your personal style.

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