How to make a pizza dough?

One day I watched a chef spinning pizza dough up in the air, I was talking to myself “Man this guy is having fun with his dough!”

Even I am not a chef; I thought maybe the key ingredient to create a perfect pizza dough and the most important element is to have fun first.

Without fun, there will never be a passion grows, with passion there got to be extra efforts to make even a simple pizza dough recipe or any other dish we are going to cook.

Anyway, from food experts’ perspective, despite this action offers small difference in creating the best tasting pizza, they insist that it is something should be done.

They are those pizzas which are baked using certain woods. The smoke from the wood will give the pizza distinctive flavor. The woods use to make pizza dough have unique fragrant smell or aroma adding more dimension to the pizza.

The woods used would different from one pizza restaurant to another. I heard from a friend of mine who happen to work at a pizza restaurant, that normally they would use oak, maple or birch woods to bake their pizza dough.

However when you cook pizza at home you probably don’t have the wood burning oven just like those pizza restaurants have, so instead stick with what you got, perhaps a regular gas or electric oven are all right.

After all it is not the wood that makes a huge difference when we talk about cooking a delicious pizza, it is the entire elements plus the passion and fun joined together that make your pizza more special.


If you are in a hurry cooking with store bought pizza dough will be just fine

One day I decided to cook pizza for my family, unfortunately I was so busy at work, and I realized the only one ingredient I did not have was time. So I thought maybe I should buy ready-made pizza dough from a grocery store, because no matter what, they already waited for me and for my pizza.

As a matter of fact store bought pizza dough is perhaps a better alternative when you don’t have time to cook the entire pizza from scratch. All you need to do is just to go to grocery stores and grab ready-made pizza dough; they are inexpensive and above all will save you a lot of til

How easy it is to make pizza dough from scratch?

There are a lot of recipes with pizza dough out there, and somehow the fundamental method of making are the same. So I’ve decided to keep the one that is less difficult to make. I usually would try different recipes with pizza dough, and finally I have chosen the one which is relatively easy and more comfortable to create.

I always use the same method of cooking with any other dish, which is to try different method of cooking over a single dish, and keep the one that is relatively easy to cook, while at the same time making sure that is still has the good taste. Simple is better, I think. Anyway, I always use this one pizza dough easy to make, with only a few key ingredients that are also easy to find.

Try this simple pizza dough recipe now

Basic ingredients for pizza dough

400 gram of bread flour or all-purpose flour
11 gram of active yeast 
2 teaspoon of sugar
1 table-spoon of salt
250 ml warm water
3 table-spoon of olive oil



Executing simple pizza dough recipe

  • Add the yeast, the flour, sugar, and salt into a mixing bowl. Add the warm water and olive oil and draw all the ingredients with a spatula until they get together. Now use your hand to mix all the ingredients until they transform into dough.
  • Sprinkle some of the flour on a table or flat surface, and place the dough on top of the sprinkled flour. Knead the pizza dough with your hand, push and fold for about 5 minutes.
  • Add more flour while kneading, and stop once the dough is no longer stick to your hand and become more elastic.
  • Use olive oil at the base at the base mixing bowl, you may use your hand if you like, or you may use brush. Add the dough into the mixing bowl Turn the dough over several times until it covered with the olive oil.
  • Grab a cloth, or plastic wrap, cover the bowl and leave for about 2 hours until the size of the dough increase by 100%. In other words wait until the dough’s volume to double up.
  • The next step is to punch the dough down with your fist to get rid of any air bubbles inside.
  • Cut the dough into three equal pieces and size. Grab a rolling-pin, and use it on the dough and try to form the dough into a round layer of about 12 inches in diameter. You may use your hand while rolling the dough to help getting into a more rounded shape.
  • Now the dough is ready and you can place them on the pizza cooking pan.