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Bacon NachosI know that when you hear the phrase “bacon nachos” you probably just picture some chips topped with sour cream, cheese and some bacon right? Wrong. With these bacon nachos I decided to forgo the chips altogether and simply use bacon in their place.

Why the absence of chips? It’s pretty simple actually— it was about 11pm, I wanted some nachos, I had all the ingredients to make said nachos except for tortilla chips and the closest grocery store was already closed for the night. The fact that I drank a few beers prior to this might have also played a small part in my desire for bacon nachos, but that’s neither here nor there.

As it turns out, I didn’t miss the chips one bit! The bacon turned out to be a prefect substitute. The only downfall is that although I love when nacho cheese makes my chips soggy while I’m eating nachos I prefer that my bacon is nice and crispy. Luckily I ate my bacon nachos pretty fast so I didn’t have to worry about that too much. Plus, it gave me a chance to get rid of some of the nacho cheese I had leftover from when I made my deep fried nacho cheese!

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